Lee Aronson awarded first place for writing!

The North American Mature Publishers Association has just awarded Lee Aronson first place for his writing about senior issues in his monthly column for The Best of Times, a free monthly magazine for mature adults in Northwest Louisiana. Some of Mr. Aronson’s columns for 2020 include:

The Case of the Abandoned Corpse

The House without Running Water and the People who Wanted to Live There

They Left a Sponge in Me

Oil Field of the Dead

Don’t Call Me Fat

Cock Fighting for God

The Judges, an independent panel of faculty from the internationally respected University of Missouri School of Journalism, which is generally considered one of the top journalism schools in the world, had this to say:

The state of Louisiana might have oodles of fine qualities, but it also has a slew of unexplainable laws that might land you in jail. Lee Aronson takes a stroll through the list, which will surely make readers shake their heads. On the other side, it’s not enough to just ignore obvious flaws in contracts. What could go wrong? Plenty, and it’s your job to be ahead of the game. Terrific advice throughout about how to proceed lawfully in an approachable and understandable tone.

Founded in 1994, the North American Mature Publishers Association is a non-profit association of publishers producing newspapers and magazines for the boomer/senior market. Currently, the association has 108 member publications throughout the U.S. and Canada whose combined readership exceeds 4.5 million per month.

Lee Aronson is an attorney at Gilsoul & Associates, LLC, an elder law and estate planning law firm. He has been practicing law in Shreveport for over 30 years and can be reached at (318) 524-9966 and at lee@gilsoul-law.com.

When Lee first graduated from Tulane law school, he went to work for a little known State agency out of The Office of the Governor called The Mental Health Advocacy Service. There he saw first-hand what a devastating effect Alzheimer’s and other mental illnesses have not only on a patient, but also the patient’s entire family. People who had worked hard all of their lives but had not planned properly ended up in nursing homes against their will while their families struggled emotionally and financially.

Lee then went to work for Legal Services of North Louisiana, a non-profit law firm. And again, he saw families with heartbreaking stories. The clients that affected Lee the most were the children or grandchildren trying to help a loved one but were running into red tape and legal obstacles. And to make matters worse, sometimes those legal obstacles were caused by the parent or grandparent having paid for bad professional advice.

In order to help, Lee practiced in many different areas of the law, including health care law, consumer protection law and housing law. By necessity, Lee also practiced in more obscure areas of the law such as property tax law and burial and cremation law.

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