Louisiana Disabled Verterans Get Discount On Property Taxes!

Do you know who really won the 2022 midterm elections? Disabled veterans! That’s because Louisiana voters approved an amendment to our Constitution that LOWERS the PROPERTY TAX bills for many disabled veterans.

Unfortunately, not all disabled veterans are eligible. The property tax break is only for veterans whose disability is connected to their military service. In other words, if you served in the military and weren’t injured or hurt in any way shape, or form, but 50 years later, due to old age,
you got dementia, then you won’t get the tax break. But, if you lost a limb or otherwise deemed disabled, while serving in the military, then this tax break is for you.

When a veteran has a service-connected disability, the Department of Veterans Affairs gives the veteran a disability rating. Someone who is completely and totally disabled will be given a disability rating of 100%. If you are somewhat disabled but not completely and totally disabled, then you will be given a disability rating of less than 100%. Here’s why that’s important: veterans who have a 100% disability rating don’t have to pay any property taxes at all on their primary residence. That’s no matter how much the property is worth. Veterans with a 70% to 99% disability rating aren’t completely exempt from property taxes on their primary residence, but they do get a big discount. Veterans with a 50% to 69% disability rating get a kind-of-big discount on the property taxes for their primary residence.

No veteran is going to automatically get this discount. If you are eligible, you should thank the Louisiana voters and then CONTACT YOUR PARISH TAX ASSESSOR and apply for this new disabled veteran homestead exemption.

Thank you for your service!

– Lee Aronson

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