“Cannot say enough about just how good my experience with Mr Gilsoul and his staff.”

- Kenneth Maniscalco

“They go out of their way to help. I will definitely be recommending them to everyone I know.”

– Christina Harper

"Joe was instrumental in helping my family organize their estate plan. Later, when my father passed, his unique expertise was once again incredibly helpful. My family and I will always be grateful to Joe and his staff for the invaluable guidance they gave us and for being genuinely caring human beings. I truly believe there is no attorney and no firm better at this area of law."

- Edward Dunn

“Joe Gilsoul, Attorney specializing in Elder Law, was just who we needed to draw up our wills and other legal documents. He was highly recommended to us by a friend. We were a little nervous at our first appointment, but Mr. Gilsoul greeted us warmly and we immediately felt comfortable relating information to him. He told us up front what his fee would be and we thought it was reasonable.

As seniors in our 80’s, we wanted to make sure our assets would be protected, so we could live out our sunset years with peace of mind. Mr. Gilsoul guided us through the process of drawing up our wills and other legal documents by giving us sound advice and suggestions to help us make the right decisions before and after death.

If you are in need of an experienced attorney in Elder Law, Mr. Gilsoul is the one to see.

Thank you Mr. Gilsoul for making each visit a positive experience!”

– Oscar and Mary – Shreveport, LA

“When I was lucky enough to meet attorney Joseph Gilsoul, I had an unbeatable and insurmountable legal problem. It was threatening my life. Counselor Gilsoul, because of his vast knowledge of the intricacies of the law, found a loophole to fight my problem. Together we addressed it, and won. I was amazed. He is a very knowledgeable attorney on issues of estate planning, Medicaid, Medicare, and other issues surrounding elder law. I could not recommend a better, more thorough, and especially more knowledgeable attorney. He is also friendly, intelligent, personable, easy to work with, available when needed and accessible, and a pleasant and intelligent conversationalist as well. He is respectful of the intelligence and input of his clients as well. All of these qualities make him the ideal attorney. I am very grateful for the manner in which he handled my case. I highly recommend him!”

– Maryann Spurgin

“I met Joe Gilsoul through a law firm I had used before on another matter.  Joe has since opened his own firm.

As my parents aged, I was looking to preserve their assets in the event they needed long term care.  Joe counseled me on the benefits of a trust and a residence trust to preserve what my parents had worked for all their lives.  To me, this is an act more important for working class people than of multi-million-dollar estates.  An affordable bill to them would have wiped out my parent’s life savings in a few short months. 

Joe explained, in laymen’s terms and illustration, the process of setting up a trust and the benefits.  He explained the short comings of Medicare and the need for Medicaid.  He also covered Veteran’s benefits.  It didn’t take long to realize Joe’s fee was a value, not a cost!

Joe’s expertise made me feel so much better as arranging assets can be mind-boggling.  His firm did all the work in creating a format to do just that! 

When the time came eleven years later to place my Mom in long term care Joe was still there to lend a helping hand.  Once again, his benevolent and caring nature helped me understand the Medicaid process and make me feel at ease.  His “service after the sale” was invaluable to my feeling of confidence in the process.  Everything Joe explained upfront was found to be spot on and exactly as it was planned.  Every one’s situation is different.  Don’t wait until it is too late.”


– Mike

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