We handle estate planning, Medicaid and VA benefits planning, successions (probate), interdictions (guardianship), trusts and asset protection planning, particularly for the elderly.

We take pride in customizing every client’s plan to their unique needs.  Cookie-cutter planning is not what we offer. This means that we take the time necessary to know our clients, their families, and their circumstances. We emphasize clear communication to our clients to make sure our they understand the options available, allowing the client and us to create the best plan for them.

Estate Planning: A good estate plan doesn’t just cover what happens to your wealth and belongings after you die.  Your plan should also deal with who would have the legal authority to help you if you were unable to make your own decisions while you are alive.

Successions: After someone dies, the heirs do not automatically get their inheritance.  Heirs have to go through a legal process called a succession in order to get their inheritance. The good news is that in Louisiana, thanks to the Napoleonic Code and our unique laws, a succession can be done much faster than in other states.

Special Needs: If you have a disabled relative, you need to be particularly careful with your will, especially if your relative is unable to manage money. You don’t want to put a loved one’s public benefits, especially their health insurance, at risk. Louisiana law says a disabled child is a forced heir: you have to leave them something.  Special needs planning ensures that your disabled loved one is protected once you’re gone.

Medicaid / VA Planning: Paying for long term care is expensive. Medicaid or VA Benefits may be able to save you a fortune.

How we can help:

Estate Planning

elderlycouplelightblueComprehensive consideration of multiple factors to protect our clients and their heirs.

Medicaid and VA Planning

flagPlanning for Medicaid nursing home benefits and VA benefits for non-service connected disabilities.

Special Needs

FatherDaughterProtecting those with special needs who need to qualify for and preserve public benefits such as Medicaid.
Special Needs Resource Directory

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