Auto Insurance For Elders

As you get older, does your auto insurance get more expensive? Most people tell me that their car insurance premiums are outrageously high, and they only seem to go up and up. But some people tell me that’s a good thing because “old people” are horrible drivers, and their auto
insurance should be outrageously high. Whether or not you think that’s true, here’s what Louisiana law says: “No insurer shall increase the premium charged for an automobile liability insurance policy for any insured solely on the grounds that the insured has attained the age of
sixty-five or older.”

Louisiana law goes on to say, “No insurer shall refuse to issue or renew an automobile insurance policy to any person over the age of sixty-five based upon the age of the insured provided the insured is mentally and physically capable of driving an automobile and possesses a valid
Louisiana operator\’s license issued by the office of motor vehicles of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.”

These laws have been around for a long time. Yet, I can’t find any cases where a senior sued for auto insurance price discrimination based on age. That means one of 3 things: 1) nobody knows about this law; 2) seniors aren’t discriminated against; or 3) I’m not very good at finding cases. Which do you think is correct?


– Lee Aronson

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