Benefits of the Life Care Plan offered by Gilsoul & Aronson

Benefits of the Life Care Plan offered by Gilsoul & Aronson The Journal of General Internal Medicine recently published a report that was pretty scary: “In 2012, nearly one-third of adults 65 years or older with Medicare discharged to home after hospitalization were referred for home health care services. Care coordination between the hospital and the home health care service is frequently inadequate and may contribute to medication errors and readmissions.” Home health workers reported having all kinds of trouble getting medical records from hospitals. Which is particularly troubling as home health agencies also reported that they often receive medication lists that are incorrect due to the number of doctors and specialists involved in a patient’s care. And primary care physicians also often didn’t know that the patient was hospitalized. In fact, another study found that “coordinating patient care between hospital clinicians and primary-care physicians is a significant challenge due to poor communication and gaps in information sharing strategies.” The study concluded, “Our finding suggest that improvements to accountability and communication could address patient needs and goals, avoid medication discrepancies and ultimately improve safety for patients.” That’s exactly what a Life Care Plan does: a nurse with a strong medical and advocacy background, helping all of your health care providers stay the same page and communicating with each other.

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